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All characters and events in this show even those based on real people are entirely fictional. All celebrity voices are impersonated poorly. The following story contains coarse language and due to it's content should not be read by anyone.

Luke 10:18 And he said to them, "I saw Satan like fall lightening from Heaven." 

Rockhead South Park presents Fallen Angel a Coon and Friends story.

We open with a comic book cover depicting a figure dressed in a black cloak one might mistake this figure for the hero Mysterion but the malevolent look in his eyes and the cultic symbol on his hood along with the black armor clearly shows otherwise. The title simply reads Hyperion 

Our Story begins in the town of South Park which is the site of destruction and ruin. The dark God Cthulhu awakened by DP oil company has left a trail of destroyed buildings and twisted wreckage. But the Dark one lies slain a massive hole torn through his chest. Reporters flock to the site as news helicopters fill the the skies.

Tom Thompson: "This is Tom Thompson reporting live from South Park where the rein of destruction and terror has finally been brought to a conclusion. The Dark God Cthulhu once thought immortal has been slain and we owe it all to one brave little boy who did the impossible and stood up to Cthulhu wherever you are Mysterion The world is grateful."

Mysterion stands outside the destruction of his house his costume covered with bloodstains and slash marks. He cradles he lifeless crushed body of his little sister Karen in his arms as tears sting his eyes with loss and rage. He looks up to the sky as lightening flashes at him.  

The scene zooms out to the remains of the Coon's lair.

Tammy Thompson: "Thanks Tom in other news police are still investigating the mass murder at the McElroy residence. Authorities found the bodies of the victims ranging from several adults to four children stabbed slashed and in some cases disemboweled in the basement surrounded by Cult paraphernalia related to the cult of Cthulhu."

The Coon sits at a table tied up and being interrogated the rest of Coon and Friends.

Human Kite: "You've gone too far Cartman."

Toolshed: "There's no way you can get away with this."

The Coon: "You guys got nothing on me I had nothing to do with this."

Mosquito: "What about the Coon and friends T-shirt Cthulhu was wearing?"

The Coon: "I don't know Clyde maybe he's just a huge fan I mean the Coon is pretty awesome gawd!."

The door to Cartman's basement opens and Mysterion steps in his costume covered with blood and his eyes white with rage."

Mysterion: "Get away from him!"

*He walks down the stairs and up to Cartman who's understandably worried."

The Coon: "Now Look Kenny I can explain I didn't know..."

Mysterion throws the table aside and shoves against the wall his eyes glowing with supernatural power. The impact is so strong that the wall cracks.


Then He looks down in pain.


The Coon: Look Kenny dude I didn't know your family was home at the time okay I goofed man I goofed!"

Mysterion lifts him up higher and begins mercilessly beating him.

Mysterion: "What did she ever do to you Cartman! She was innocent in all this!" 

The Coon tries to choke out an excuse but Mysterion's strength is almost superhuman.

Toolshed: "Kenny calm down we know your upset and but this won't bring your family back."

Human Kite: "We don't know that it won't."

Toolshed: "DUDE!"

Mysterion angrily pummels the Coon bloodying his face with every blow before throwing him into the Coon vision tv and breaking it. Blood fills the Coon's vision as Mysterion closes in for the kill."

Toolshed: "Kenny for the love of God that's enough your gonna kill him!"

Toolshed walks over to try to reason with his friend but Mysterion won't have any of it and backhands his friend against the wall and picks up the Coon by the throat with one hand.

The Coon: (Terrified) "K-Kenny please I'm Sorry!"

His pleas go unheard as Mysterion shoves his hand thru the Coon's chest and tears out his heart as the other Coon and friends look on in horror. The hero's eyes glow a malevolent green that envelop the screen until we cut to Karen who wakes up with a terrified scream. She looks around her room in a cold sweat until a mysterious figure appears at her window. 

Mysterion: "Karen are you okay I heard you scream?"

Karen looks at him and rushes over to embrace him.

Karen: "I-I had a bad dream."

He wraps his cape around her tiny body and returns the hug.

Mysterion: "It's okay now Karen I'm here now."

Karen: "I was lost in the street and I couldn't find you and then a car came at me it was scary." She begins sobbing into his chest as he strokes her hair.

Mysterion: Gets down one knee so he's at eye level with her and wipes the tears from her face.

"Karen listen to me it was only a bad dream it wasn't real."

Karen: Sniff "Angel?"

 Mysterion: "Yes Karen."

Karen: "You wouldn't ever leave me alone would you?"

Mysterion: "Of course not Karen."

Karen: " Do you think when I die and go to heaven I can be a guardian angel and make people who are sad happy like you?"

Mysterion: "Of course you can Karen."

Karen's face brightens as she looks up at him.

Karen: "Thank you Mysterion." She kisses him on the check.

"I'll sleep a lot better now that I know your watching over me."

Mysterion: "Goodnight Karen and sweet dreams." He kisses her on the forehead and tucks her into bed.

Karen: She holds up her princess doll. "Don't forget Dolly."

Mysterion: Kisses Karen's dolly. "Goodnight Dolly and sweet dreams."

Mysterion climbs out of the window and disappears with a flash of his cape just as Stuart and Carol turn on the light and come into Karen's room.

Carol: "Karen sweetie are you alright? we heard you scream."

Karen smiles at them and nuzzles into the covers.

Karen: "I'm fine now Mommy I just had a bad dream is all."

Stuart: "Do you want me bring you a glass of tap water sweetie?"

Karen: "Yes please."

Stuart: "Okay I'll be right back."

Carol: "Karen I know your father and I haven't been the best of parents to you but we love you very much."

Karen: "I know Mommy."

Stuart returns with a glass of water.

Stuart: "Here you go Princess."

Karen takes a drink and puts it on her nightstand before hugging her parents tightly.

Karen: "Thanks Daddy."

Outside her room Mysterion watches with a smile as his parents and Karen embrace.

Mysterion narrating: "They really have gotten better since they last got arrested I guess losing custody of us was the wake up call they needed." 

He flaps his cape and vanishes.

Elsewhere in South Park a strange vortex opens and out steps a young man clad from head to toe in steel armor and a dark teal cloak.

Mystery Man: Looks over to see the South Park sign. "Finally I'm here!" He checks a wrist readout showing the place and time.

South Park Colorado Earth One 2014.

"Looks like I'm in the right place I just only hope this universe's heroes are up to the task."

He holds up a picture of Coon and friends in the Coon cave.
"You fella's are our only hope left."

((Dramatic cut to commercial.))
 Isaiah 12: 14-15 How art thou fallen from heaven O Day Star how you are cut to the ground you who laid the nations low.

In another timeline another South Park in the aftermath of Cthulhu's rampage a grief stricken angel falls from heaven, Driven to madness by the death of his sister Mysterion loses his moral compass and embraces his immortal side. His fall plunges the his world into the age of the Pax Hyperionica where even the realms of Heaven, Hell, R'lyeh and imagination bow to his whim.

In a last ditch attempt to recruit help a former villain travels to another South Park in the hopes of recruiting heroes who can stop him. 
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Faster-Frosty Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2014
That was probably the cutest fanfiction I have ever read.  But that beginning, though...  Imagining Mysterion with a dying Karen in his arms... that makes me feel so upset for them.  :(
RockHead1989 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2014
Thanks I'm glad someone took notice of my story maybe tonight I'll try to get some more done. 
ShaiminPurple Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014
This is really interesting, I can't wait to read next chapters. ^^
RockHead1989 Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2014
Thanks I've been wanting to write about Mysterion for a while now.
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